Monday, May 20, 2013



Recitals                                                                                                                                                 May 20, 2013

I had a very nice Mother's Day. I was proclaimed Queen of everything and given an apron as my royal gown. We also had the family for dinner where David baked homemade pizza. When the dinner was finished it was time to Skype with Sister Sarah Sheffer. We each took turns visiting with her and it was great to see her. She looks wonderful. She will be home on the 13th of June and her homecoming we found out will be on Father's Day. (1:00 P.M. 400 West 1800 South, Orem, Utah) It sounds like she will be sharing the meeting with another returning sister missionary from our ward, Rebecca Hartshorn. I remember Merrill also reported his mission on Father's Day. We will have a pot luck luncheon before the meeting since the sacrament starts at 1:00pm. (445 West 1800 South Orem)

For Family night we invited Lizzy and Malleya to come and play in the irrigation water. They had a great time with all the water. We are sure they will come again.  This was the first time of watering for the season and the yard and garden were drinking the water long and deeply. We are sure that this week it will not take as long. The garden is in and one of the cucumbers is up. We love to play in the dirt. Fresh veggies are on the way.

We had the opportunity to watch Lizzy while Alan and Kim went to Stein Ericksen's in Park City for their fourth anniversary. She is still getting to know us but with her regular bedtime routine she settled down and slept for eight hours. Thank goodness! These days we need our beauty rest. It was nice to enjoy her personality. 

We were invited to attend two amazing events this week. Friday night was Taffy's dance program and Saturday afternoon was Gator's piano recital. Taffy's costume was adorable. It had a bead necklace and pink gloves. She loved the idea of wearing makeup. She has such grace. Gator wore a beautiful dress for her recital and she had great poise as she announced her pieces and played them beautifully. There were great opportunities for picture taking.

Meg called from Japan and asked if I would email her some experiences that I had while being at temple dedications or attending the temple. She had been asked to teach Relief Society. I was awake at two in the morning and realized that with the time difference in Japan I needed to type it up and send it of quickly or she wouldn't have time to translate before her meeting began. Two hours later it was ready but we were spending the night at Bert's and we didn't have internet access. So as soon as Bert was awake the email was sent. We heard from Meg that she received it but we didn't hear if she was able to use it. We know that temple attendance helps us in so many ways, especially with enduring to the end.

                                                                                                God Bless You All,   David and Gaile Sheffer

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day and Baptism

Mother's Day and Baptism                                                                 May 15, 2013

            We have our garden in and the yard is looking nice. Our neighbors gave us some big loads of their horse's best. We weeded and tilled it all in, dug the rows and planted all the crops. We just need to have our lawn mower repaired. The lawn was looking awful and our mower is going to be in the shop for two weeks so I talked David into renting a mower. Nicholas' mower is also in the shop so he mowed our lawn and then we used it on his. He also tilled up a garden spot in his back yard.

             We were invited to watch our granddaughters play soccer. Gator told me that, "I only care about winning." She was amazing at moving the ball down the field. Taffy was so graceful on the field and she would fly and float down the field and stand in front of the goal. We were not sure if she was waiting for the opportunity to kick the ball in the goal or to be a goalie for the other team.

                        On Saturday we drove up to Salt Lake City and David did a wonderful job of giving a talk on baptism and then baptizing Richard Stanley. I was able to lead the music and offer the closing prayer. The next day we drove up for the confirmation. The door David went to was locked. That meant a delay of just enough time to have him only half way up the chapel before they started the conformation. He shook Richard's hand as he stood to be congratulated. Then we drove to Grandma Sheffer's to wish her a happy Mother's Day. We drove home just in time to go to our meetings. We had been asked to teach Primary for the Valiant 9 class that day.

            After church David made homemade pizzas and Bert and Julie, Nicholas and Amber, Alan and Kim, Katie and Caleb, Grandma Duncan and Aya, came for dinner and to Skyped with Sister Sarah Sheffer. We each took 3 to 5 minutes talking with her. She said the visit helped her with the idea of coming home. She will be home on the 13th of June.

            We have enjoyed being with family and resting. David was so excited. Tuesday May 14, 2013 was the first day that there wasn't something that had to be done. That was a day of rest according to David's definition. There is still much to do, but all of the big fires were out for one brief moment. We are almost ready to plan our summer.

                                                God Bless You All, David and Gaile Sheffer


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Turn to Host

Our Turn to Host                                                                                                                                              May 7, 2013

This has been an incredible week. You know you are home from the mission when you are asked to host the dinner instead of being the guests of honor. We had three opportunities this week.

The first was the Ward's Cinco de Mayo party at the Nielsen's Grove Park. We were given two weeks to prepare. We had great help from so many, especially the youth. The young women set up the party and did a fantastic job with the decorations. The Teacher's Quorum handled the piñatas. There was one for the Primary aged children and another for the youth and of course a piñata that was filled with sugar free candy for the older saints. It was well attended and the sister missionaries were there and three nonmember families that live in the neighborhood.

On the next day, Saturday, Aya Karaba had her 17th birthday party in our back yard. She is a Japanese high school student who has been living with Grandma Duncan. She had never had a birthday party with friends and Grandma asked around to see what "teenagers" would think was a fun party. Bonfire was one of the ideas and she thought of our backyard with all of the trimming that needed to be done. So, we worked hard and cleaned everything out and had a huge pile of limbs and branches. It was great fun and our new neighbors came with their hotdogs and another neighbor toasted marshmallows. Aya has another American experience to remember.

On Saturday evening during the birthday party we went to the mailbox and found a letter with a return address of Missionaries, Salt Lake City. "What could this be?" we wondered. It was from a missionary companionship in North Salt Lake who wrote to say that Richard Stanley was planning on being baptized on May 11th, Richard and Jenni requested that we be part of the program. We had taught this couple in Visalia and had helped them get married. The incredible thing about the letter was that it had been mailed on Friday and we received it Saturday. That was crazy fast delivery. We sent a text to the missionaries and told them that we would be in Salt Lake the next day for a baby blessing and we wanted to know where the church was and what time. We met Richard and Jenni at church and went to their little house afterwards. We are excited to be able to go his baptism.

Also, on Sunday we attended church in the University 6th Ward, Chinese speaking. This is where Ren was blessed, Mike and Jamie's new baby boy. He is so cute and looks like Jamie in the face and has her fair skin, we hope it doesn't burn as easily, and he has Mike's eyes. He is adorable. We helped a little with the food for the family's get together after. We enjoyed driving Grandma and Grandpa Sheffer to this event.

While at Grandpa's we asked to use his truck to haul fertilizer for the garden. Monday was spent fertilizing the yard, irrigating and moving the bed back from Grandma Duncan's for Sister Sarah Sheffer's bedroom. We miss not having a truck. Thank you Grandpa.

Nicholas stopped by and helped to dig ditches in the garden and move in the box spring and mattress. Thank you for the help.

We are so happy to have wonderful family and friends. We thank the Lord every day for the Gospel and the peace that comes from living and improving each day. We love you all. 

David and Gaile Sheffer

Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Week of April 2013

Dear Sister Sarah Sheffer, April 29, 2013
We went to Kim's Graduation. You can go to our Face book and see two pictures that we posted. One is of Alan, Kim, and Lizzy stand in front of the entrance sign to BYU. The other is a picture of Me, Dad, and Bert standing at the same place. Wow, time flies.
We were grandma and grandpa this week. We watched Lizzy and Malleya so Kim could finish her last test and so that Nick and Amber, Alan and Kim, could go on the date with James Anderson and someone that Amber knows. Malleya loves us but Lizzy how no idea how to react to us. She is now calling us Papa. She is always on the go and Malleya is so graceful and loves to dance to any music.
On Sunday we invited Grandma Duncan and Aya to come over for dinner. We celebrated my fathers 99th birthday and my father and mother's 66 wedding anniversary. We had a salmon dinner and play a game.
I have been assigned to visit teach and we have been assigned to do the ward party, Cinco de Mayo, on the 3rd of May. We are gathering the needed supplies. Everyone kept on saying, "What if it rains?" I said, "It won't rain." When I was a activities chairman for the ward in year past that is how I would always answer that question. They replies with, "Sister Sheffer is back." It will be nice to see everyone at the party.
We called three people in Visalia last night to see how they were doing. It was nice to hear from them. One was the Browns. They went to sacrament meeting and stayed for all of the meetings. That was a first. We miss and love so many people.
The Williams, the couple who replaced us, called and talked to Dad this morning while I was doing visiting teaching. They said that Sunday was a very busy day and they were telling people, "We are not as young as the Sheffer's. They are in their 50s. We are twice that age." When they were telling this to Dad he said, "You are 100?" They laughed.
I hope to write my father's life history and have it finished by his birthday next year. That will be the 100th anniversary of his birth. So, we will have a party on April 28, 2013. This November will be Grandma's 90th birthday and we will celebrate that in style.
We are excited to hear where you will serve for the next six weeks. What is the weather like right now? Who is your companion? We love seeing pictures of you and reading your emails. We are still working on writing letters. You are so loved.  God Bless Mom and Dad

Monday, April 22, 2013


Coming Home                                                                                                                                   April 22, 2013

We had a week filled with unpacking and shopping. We shopped for new appliances and unpacked. It was not a fast or fevered pace. Why? We are worn out.  Many of the missionaries we served with said simpler things when asked, "What are you going to do when you get home?" They would reply, "I'm going to sleep for a week." We felt the same but the sleep for a week will need to be accomplished over a longer period of time.

We had our Home coming on Sunday. It was held at 1:00pm so we decided to have an early luncheon. It was wonderful to see the family and so many friends. David, aka, Elder Sheffer went over to the church a half hour before church. I think it was nerves. We sat next to the high councilman for our ward and he said, "This is a huge ward." The chapel kept filling and filing.

I need to confess of having a Senior moment. As I was walking to the church Brother Myler drove in and waved. He is in the Stake presidency and I in that moment remembered that we were assigned to report our mission to the High Council at 7:00am that morning. Where is our mission planner when we need it. We were asked to reschedule and reporting on May 5th.

David is overwhelmed by all the projects that are in the works but he is happy to be able to do them at his pace. He went up to Salt Lake to help his parents and mow their lawn. The remodel of the kitchen is one of the large projects that will definitely take several months. Of course the question he is most often asked is, "What are you going to do now?"  He is considering that question but knows there is plenty to do.

I was contacted by Amelia Earhart Elementary about a month ago and asked to return to teach sixth grade next year. I think that would be a good thing to do. I am so grateful that I was able to serve a mission. It was a dream come true and I have been changed forever. Now I figure I have at least another 30 years to fill with amazing experiences. I am so grateful to God to have such a kind and sweet companion. We hope to continue to serve the Lord and grow in the Gospel.

It is bitter sweet to know that this is the last entry in our mission journal. We hope there will be more mission journals in the future. For now we are excited to create memories with our children and grandchildren. Also our daughter, Sister Sarah Sheffer will be returning from her mission in Jacksonville Florida on June 13th. We know that the last weeks of her mission will fly by. We know for ourselves the feeling of so much to do and so little time. We are sure that she will fill the time with heart felt service.

                                                God Bless You All  Brother and Sister Sheffer

Pictures-- Family at luncheon

Two Sister Missionaries that came to our Homecoming.